Aging Galvanized Metal


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All you need is some new galvanized metal and some toilet bowl cleaner.
  • A new bucket.
  • Some toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Some sunshine
  • Wash it all off an hour and a half later and this is what you get.
  • Pretty authentic looking!
  • Marian L
    Marian L Kirkland, WA
    It is most likely the sodium hydroxide in the cleaner aided by the sodium hypochlorite (bleach). You can get this same result by using muriatic acid (formerly known as hydrochloric acid) which is available online and at home stores such as Lowes and Home
  • Linda Stone
    Linda Stone Inman, SC
    This would be perfect used for a "spilled" bucket of flowers. Turn on its side and have the flowers planted so they look like they have spilled out of the bucket. Very pretty.
  • Brittany
    Brittany Rossburg, OH
    I am doing a trash can and it's streaky? Should I just do it again?
  • Vicki Tiller
    This is so perfect! Planning a barn wedding with my daughter and we want her tubs and buckets to look old. THANK YOU.
  • Maria Nino
    Maria Nino Miami Lakes, FL
    Hello, I did not come out like yours.
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