Bubbling rock water feature

For the Garden 5 hours ago
I wanted a water feature outside my front door, but was afraid of the safety hazard a pond may pose for small children when I decided to construct this bubbling rock fountain. Here's a supply list and step by step instructions:

Supplies: 1) 5 gallon bucket and lid 2) pond liner or heavy duty vinyl 3) small submersible pond pump, I believe mine is 135 GPH 4) flexible tubing which will fit the pump and possibly connectors and smaller size tubing if you want increased pressure and higher flow 5) Hardware cloth or wire fencing with tight weave. 6) Rocks (whatever you'd like) 7) drill with Masonary bits and a regular bit 8) shovel


1) Drill holes into as many rocks as you'd like to stack together. *** The size of the hole you will need will depend on the diameter of your tubing. The tubing size can be reduced with different sized adapters if you want higher flow or want to drill smaller holes.

2) Dig hole large enough for 5 gallon bucket to fit completely into and perhaps be an inch or 2 below ground level and place bucket

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Theresa Farrell Hathaway