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Canning Cupboard Made From Recycled Pallets

Over the last few months – about every few days we get a comment or two on the canning cabinet or buffet hutch we built out of old shipping crates and pallets on our blog : www.oldworldgardenfarms.com A lot of people want to know the particulars. So we created a post on the how 2′s of building things with pallets or shipping crates – with a little extra information on the canning pantry. It's a great project – cost very little – and lets you store over 200 jars of canned goods!
We have actually made two of them – the first we built from pallets – the second from some old shipping crates and pallets. But for both – the only tools we used were a Sawzall, Nail Gun, Construction Adhesive (liquid nails heavy – duty), 3″ coarse drywall screws and a drill with a Phillips #2 screw bit (for drywall screws)
For the canning cupboard, we started by tearing apart about 4 pallets to use for the sides and shelving boards. We learned early on to not waste time trying to pull the nails from boards and remove every little speck of everything. It's time consuming, you damage way too many boards and it takes forever!
We use a sawzall with a long demolition construction blade and simply slice through the nails. Leave all of the remnant flat nails in the boards, not only does it add lots of character – its super quick. If you place the pallet up on end you can slice through all of the nails in about 15 seconds. Just repeat the process until you have cut them all and you end up with 15 to 25 single boards to work with for every pallet. (depending on pallet size and make-up – you usually get boards about 3 to 5″ wide by 30 to 48″ long). With shipping creates – we just disassemble the sides with the sawzall and then you have ready-made building panels to work with. Whatever you use – pallets, shipping crates or old barn wood – the important thing is to have simple straight boards to build with.
Anytime we make anything with pallets – whether it's the canning cupboard or the buffet hutch – we will then use the left over 2 x 4′s that make up the pallet's inside rails to build the carcass structure. They are durable – and although heavy – they are free and make the structure strong. Speaking of the structure – we always use coarse drywall screws and heavy-duty construction adhesive to assemble. The screws hold tight and the adhesive holds forever. Don't worry about anything other than the framing being straight. Once again if there are some left over bits of nail that have been sawed off smooth – let it be – it just makes for a great patina when stained or painted over.
Once we have the structures carcass built – we just simply use all of the straight boards cut from the pallets to cover. For this we will use the nail gun for speed and looks – but you could just as easily use a hammer and nails. Once you have trimmed it out to your liking – you can paint, stain or leave natural – and you have a unique conversation piece.
The biggest piece of advice – don't sweat the details! The biggest mistake people make when using reclaimed lumber or pallets is tot try to make it too perfect. It's far better to not try to sand everything super smooth - or take out every little crack or dent in the wood. Let them be - it just makes it look that much better.
If you like this - please visit our little blog (oldworldgardenfarms.com) for more of our projects. And if you can -help us spread the word about our farm and site and make sure to like us on Facebook! Thanks so much, Jim and Mary

Before You Try This Project...

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Aug 5, 2012

    Amazing! This is one pallet idea we haven't seen yet!

  • Susan S
    Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    on Aug 5, 2012

    You're right about that Miriam - and just when we think we've seen it ALL!! Not only am I impressed by the pallets turned canning cabinet but at all your beautiful canned goods!! You sure will enjoy your bounty next winter!!

  • Ladena S
    Ladena S Ava, MO
    on Aug 5, 2012

    This is so nice beautiful canning

  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    on Aug 5, 2012

    The work you have done to create your farm is wonderful. Congratulations on keeping your agenda w/such skill.

  • Sheila T
    Sheila T Trenton, MI
    on Aug 5, 2012

    Great Idea, Than you for sharing this with us.

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