• Tricia H
    I wonder how that would work on counter tops? Sealed with a tough topcoat.
  • Ilene D
    Ilene D Spring Valley, NY
    When I was a teenager, I put aluminum foil on the basement ceiling as it wasn't finished. I wouldn't mind trying this on one wall and perhaps giving it an antiquity appearance by perhaps lightly rubbing on brown shoe polish that's in a paste form, or if
  • Patricia L
    Patricia L Valparaiso, FL
    Years ago I used the same idea in a bathroom,except we left wrinkles in it fot texture,looked good and held up well.
  • Denise B
    Denise B Crestwood, KY
    Just wondering if this would be a good idea for a back splash in the kitchen?
    • Susan Howell
      Susan Howell Grafton, WV
      Denise B Did you ever get an answer, because that is the very reason I am here on this page;) We just got an old camper, and I would like to cover the wall behind the stove with aluminum.
    • Meem Kaplan
      Meem Kaplan Bay Center, WA
      Susan Howell I AM going to do a backsplash! What a great idea! If I had a camera I would do it and share but unfortunately, I left my camera on a plane and that was the end of
  • Vicki L
    Vicki L Spindale, NC
    I guess I'm a little behind, how does it stick to the wall?
  • Joy Badders
    Joy Badders Elgin, SC
    Denise, I was wondering the same thing! Let me know if you try. I thought I might try a trial piece on a scrap piece of wood that I could then place in the backsplash area in my kitchen to get an idea of how it might look.
  • Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog
    Denise B and Joy Badders, I think this would be cool as a backsplash. If you are worried about it holding up, consider cutting pieces of plexiglas to place over it. This would be easy to qipe down if something spatters. Mine is sealed with polyacrylic
  • Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog
    Vicki L, if you click the link on the description it will lead you to a detailed tutorial including the instructions on using wallpaper paste to secure it to the wall! Enjoy!
  • Vicki L
    Vicki L Spindale, NC
    Thanks so much. Thought it would look great as backsplash. The plexiglass idea would make cleaning a breeze! Thanks!

  • Ellen Thompson
    Ellen Thompson Birmingham, AL
    I had to smile at this!

    Helen Gurley Brown who just died yesterday at the age of 90 featured an article about a thousand years ago -- well before

  • Liisa K
    Liisa K Bartonsville, PA
    I have used fishtank scenery rolls as a backsplash, looks like my kitchen looks out on an aquarium, waterproof and easy to clean. Lots of choices
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Liisa K, you need to share your kitchen back splash please!
  • Di S
    Di S Carlisle, PA
    really liked this idea... but i used the idea in a different way...i used it to create a faux concert planter in repurposing an accent lamp...working on posting it now. thanks for the idea i am sure i can use it in many different ways
  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
  • Robertahopkins
    how do you get

    the foil OFF the wall????

    • Meem Kaplan
      Meem Kaplan Bay Center, WA
      Robertahopkins where were you when the nuclear power issue was being discussed? Love a person who thinks things through to the end!!!
Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog