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Modernizing an 80's Oak Kitchen on a Tiny Budget

Previously, this kitchen (originally installed in 1988) was too monochromatic. The color of the cabinets and the floors was too similar and the small island was lost in sea of golden oak. The awful drop ceiling fluorescent light was extremely dated and the lack of cabinet hardware only emphasized the arched paneled doors which didn't feel very modern..
I stained the center island dark brown, and painted the cabinets a warm cream color (Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore) I added hardware to the cabinets and removed the old fluorescent lights which I replaced with 2 pendants and some LED cans. I tiled the backsplash with pencil tile to accentuate the generic granite countertops. I also updated the kitchen faucet and removed a few cabinet doors to break up the monotony of the cabinet doors.
The entire transformation (including the new Bosch appliance suite) came in under $3500. I did all the work myself, including the electrical, plumbing and tiling. The transformation took a little less than 3 weeks.
For more information about this project (including more photos and detailed tutorials) please visit: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2012/08/kitchen-...#

To see more: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2012/08/kitchen-reveal-80s-to-awesome.html#

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  • Debra Morgan Mc Kinney, TX
    OK all these postings have made me determined to do something.....so afraid I will mess it all up. So, I'm going to start with my bathroom vanity. Think I will start with paint --just not sure what, think I want to use a milk or chalk paint. YIKES,
    • J West Hackettstown, NJ
      Debra Morgan Hi Debra. I had the same thoughts so i painted my bathroom vanity first. It turned out great. So, maybe in the summer I will start the kitchen.
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    Would anyone have any ideas of how to fix up melamine kitchen cupboards doors they are cracking in so places ,can it be taking off ? would the doors still be good to paint?
  • Amanda Lynn Roseville, CA
    Question for you TheKimSixFix : What did you need to do to prepare the island for staining? My kitchen looks almost identical to the before pic, and I don't know if my wood would come out
  • @Mae --Don't forget you could replace just the doors and hardware at a little more expense, but a lot less work.
  • Betsy Bodrero Tooele, UT
    love it, love it, love it ! I need to do that to my kitchen !
  • Nancy S Lagrange, GA
    this is beautiful. I've lived through many decades and redos that we did at mom's and now redoing this one.. a little slow but bubba will get there eventually..
  • SicilianMa Elgin, IL
    Seeing the finished project helps me to design our reno kitchen counter and back splash area. I have been looking at counter tops and wall tiles. Thanks so much for sharing!
  • Shelly Rogers Ecru, MS
    what color and type of countertops are those?
    • TheKimSixFix San Francisco, CA
      Shelly Rogers They are just run of the mill slab granite.. From Home Depot. Sorry, I don't know the name of the stone. But it was the cheap stuff! :)
  • Your idea of remodeling the kitchen, really seems way too good, as you have done required justice to picture you had in mind. As you have created enough space for modern appliances along with mobility.
  • Veda Stougard Des Moines, IA
    you don't even have to replace the hardware ( the hinges)... can be spray painted and looks awesome.....
    • TheKimSixFix San Francisco, CA
      Veda Stougard You are absolutely right..in fact, the hinges *are* spray painted. But they had no knobs/pulls before so I had to add those new.
  • Very talented. Lucky you can do it all - electrical, etc.!