Modernizing an 80's Oak Kitchen on a Tiny Budget

Do it myself 14 hours ago
Previously, this kitchen (originally installed in 1988) was too monochromatic. The color of the cabinets and the floors was too similar and the small island was lost in sea of golden oak. The awful drop ceiling fluorescent light was extremely dated and the lack of cabinet hardware only emphasized the arched paneled doors which didn't feel very modern..
I stained the center island dark brown, and painted the cabinets a warm cream color (Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore) I added hardware to the cabinets and removed the old fluorescent lights which I replaced with 2 pendants and some LED cans. I tiled the backsplash with pencil tile to accentuate the generic granite countertops. I also updated the kitchen faucet and removed a few cabinet doors to break up the monotony of the cabinet doors.
The entire transformation (including the new Bosch appliance suite) came in under $3500. I did all the work myself, including the electrical, plumbing and tiling. The transformation took a little less than 3 weeks.
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A new ceiling semi-flush chandelier and trim to hide the drywall damage replace a fluorescent box light
A pencil tile backsplash modernized the space
A dark stained island contrasts with the light cabinets everywhere else.
Before and after
Before and after (including a new 'open shelving' cabinet that had the door removed and decorative brackets added to make it feel less like a door-less cabinet
It is a huge transformation

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  • Betty Ann
    Betty Ann Canada
    WOW, what a beautiful transformation. this is my favorite kitchen makeover. Enjoy.
  • Cathy
    Cathy Lakeside, CA
    Looks great. We have same issue. Another idea is to replace some doors with glass ones. We found a place for $79 a pair!
  • Sandra Staton
    Sandra Staton Trinity, NC
  • Janice Rushlow
    Janice Rushlow Southgate, MI
    Awesome, similar to what we will be doing!
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL
    Wow! Fantastic job. Very nice colors. Love the openness. Thanks for sharing with everyone.