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How to Remove Nail Polish from Hardwood & Laminate Floors

Removing nailpolishl on Jun 14, 2016
I get asked all the time how to get nail polish off of things so I decided to start testing some of my theories. I started by painting my salon-quality nail polish on the wood floor and then I tried using hydrogen peroxide, De-Solv-It and rubbing alcohol to get it off. I think you'll be surprised at which product got it off and how EASY it was!
Difficulty: Easy
  • how to remove nail polish from hardwood amp laminate floors, cleaning tips, hardwood floors

To see more: http://askannamoseley.com/2012/08/get-nail-polish-off-wood-flooring/

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  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY

    good advice Sharon, you could end up with a bigger problem if your not ready with that soap and water!
    I remember my Mom worked at the Avon plant in Suffern,NY for many years and they always used hairspray to get the lipstick off of their uniforms

  • Vicki Stone
    Vicki Stone Newaygo, MI

    well it really works my grandkids spilled bright hot pink glittered nail polish all over my wood floor and I used rubbing alcohol and took a soft scrub sponge to soak it and then the scrub side going with the grain of the wood and it is all off in 10

  • Jessica Shenton

    ive tried both hair and i cant get the polish to come out

  • Julie
    Julie Roswell, NM

    You literally just saved my life my dad just installed my floors last week, I would've been in quite a bit trouble thank you so much

  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO

    Getting ready to try this! Fingers crossed.