DIY to Try 03.27.14

fill in the blank: what's above your bed? photos wanted!

Okay, i know I have only been on this forum for a week! but I am super impressed with all the talented designers that share this forum and I thought I might ask for some help. I just posted an article on ways to fill the space above your bed.


It features mirrors and art (normal stuff right?) but next week I want to feature some unique options (I've seen names, paddles that act as headboards....) and I know you guys have some hidden gems in your own homes. so if you care to share - post a comment here (with a picture if you have it) or head on over to my blog and submit your photo for inclusion in next weeks post, your designs will be fully credited...

Also, if this is a totally inappropriate request, just let me know (gently, please) and I will be super embarrassed and not do it again. Cheers!

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  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    Linda I love the organic shape of the headboard and lamp and the white paint that keeps it fresh.
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    Rita this is a great bed and I think it will stand out whatever you do but here are my thoughts (photos added)

    1) keep it simple and just add a feature wallpaper behind bed

  • Rita Fayette, OH
    Helena, those are good ideas. I especially like the grass cloth, or faded vintage paper idea. I have since thought a vintage, chippy white, architectural piece would be nice, although I don't think that's something I'll run across right away.
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    a piece like that would look great over a faded wallpaper
  • Lindsay Jackson Hemphill, TX
    My work in progress master bedroom. Looking for 2 solid square and 1 patterned rectangle pillows in 'Tangerine' to add a pop of color, as well as taller metal based bed lamps. Still have to spray paint the black wrought iron frame of the 'future bench'
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    Lindsay, check out my post on the "rules" for selecting bedside tables and lamps to get that light just right...


  • Lindsay Jackson Hemphill, TX
    Thanks for the link and tips Helena!
  • Eq4bits Hemphill, TX
    Helena, I deactivated my Facebook account (Lindsay) so had to make a new hometalk.com i.d.Thanks so much for the input on the lamps. I found some that aren't exactly what I was originally looking at (they aren't as 'wide' as they probably should be) they
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    Pleasure Lindsay, 50% would make me fudge the numbers somewhat!
  • Teri K Akron, OH
    Rita! What about an old, chipped white window frame, glass and all? I think that would add to the theme without distracting from the gorgeous bed...
  • Rita Fayette, OH
    Teri, I actually have an old window. I will give it a try. Thanks!
  • We have some tiny white birds flying towards the window above one side of our DIY Upholstered headboard - for some reason I can't add pictures of it... they keep just disappearing after they load:(
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    where do they go? very cute idea - i love tongue-in-cheek design
  • Patricia W Eugene, OR
    Nothing but windows behind our bed our bedroom is upstairs and they look right at the beautiful forested hills! I have sheers so the morning sun wakes us up instead of an alarm clock, and the windows are open so we hear the birds. I would not cover them
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    talk about bringing the "outside in" - sounds gorgeous...