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Make an Old Kettle Herb Garden in Seconds!

I was really enticed to grow a few of my own herbs. So I dug around in my junk stash and there, staring right back at me was my old kettle collection. Perfect!
After layering the pots with stones and soil, in went the plants. But they're topped with something that makes them even cooler to look at... read below for how I did it.
My kettle inspired mobile garden is FUN to move around! And eat. :)
How cute is this collection of old kettles for a kitchen themed herb garden?
I love to collect these guys from the thrift stores. Even if they're broken.
After the plants go in, I layer the tops of the soil with spanish moss. It offers a fun, rustic touch!
Do you collect kettles too? What do you do with yours?

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2012/06/herb-garden-old-kettle-style.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Aug 12, 2012

    Be careful with watering if those pots do not have drainage holes. Herbs generally like it on the lean side, and make sure they are getting plenty of light.

  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    on Aug 12, 2012

    Since you use your herbs in the kitchen, a tea pot seems all too appropriate as a "pot" for your herbs. Cute idea!!

  • Helena @ Design Wotcha!
    Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    on Aug 12, 2012

    agree about the drainage - but these would look great lined up on the kitchen window sill.

  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna Canada
    on Aug 12, 2012

    Good point Douglas! I chose a peat moss based soil so the plants would stay light and fluffy rather than saturate down due to no drainage holes. They've been doing really well with gentle yet frequent watering. And right now they reside on my covered porch outdoors. It's a happy little mobile group! :)

  • Christine
    Christine Buffalo, IN
    on Aug 12, 2012

    you can also put rocks in the bottom of the teapot and then put your plant in a pot and set down inside the teapot for better drainage too! Cute idea!

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