How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Saving heirloom tomato seeds brings back those memories of science classes. The seeds can't be just scooped out and dried, they need to be removed with all the slimy tomato guts and left to ferment. A little gross factor and lots of fun makes this a great project to do with kids.

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  • Step 1: pick out the very best tomatoes for seeds that will make the very best tomatoes.
  • Step 2: scoop the guts into a jar. Fill with 1/4 cup water and leave to ferment in a warm place.
  • Step 3: rinse off the seeds, dry and store for next spring.

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  • Renee
    Renee South Pittsburg, TN
    So do I. There is a great story behind the turkey craw green beans if anyone is interested in looking it up.
  • Teresa Lawrence Pennington
    I have just begun to save my own seeds. I had absolutely beautiful heirloom yellow pear tomatoes this year. picked one of the first and best tomatoes to save for seed, and I let the tomato sit on the counter for months until it was sorta shriveled and
  • Heather Terveld
    Heather Terveld Toronto, OH
    Stephanie hou long do you let them ferment?
  • Pat smith
    pat smith Cleveland, OH
    Does this work with sun sugar cherry and chadwick?
  • Michele ottmar
    Michele ottmar Ephrata, WA
    This is great to liste to .


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