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How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving heirloom tomato seeds brings back those memories of science classes. The seeds can't be just scooped out and dried, they need to be removed with all the slimy tomato guts and left to ferment. A little gross factor and lots of fun makes this a great project to do with kids.

More information on this project at http://gardentherapy.ca/saving-heirloom-toma...

To see more: http://gardentherapy.ca/saving-heirloom-tomato-seeds/

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  • Sharron, it's hard to say without knowing a bunch of factors like where you live and health of the plants, etc, but in general, fruiting plants will produce bigger fruit with more watering during the fruiting stage, and be smaller is the conditions are
  • Good point on the why question. I think I'll do an update on the post and include that.
  • Now I know why just drying the seeds did not work. Thank you so much for this information.
  • Hamtil Construction LLC Saint Louis, MO
    Great post! I may have to finally try saving seeds. Although, it's strange that several varieties of heirloom tomatoes I've planted have not done well. 2 varieties never bore any fruit!
  • Jimmy S Brooks, GA
    how do you know if you are buying heirloom tomatoes
  • Great question, Jimmy. Ask the grower at the Farmer's Market which ones are heirlooms. You can also bring a seed catalog with you and double check the names while you are there.
  • Jimmy S Brooks, GA
    ok thanks... our closest farmers market is about 45 min away....i am assuming then you do NOT buy them at Walmart when you get tomatoes on the vine lol
  • Jimmy, probably not. A trip to the market sounds like it's in the cards! Or you could buy heirloom seeds for next year, and save them for subsequent years from the tomatoes you grow.
  • Jimmy S Brooks, GA
    duh...that would be the easiest...of course I would want to eat them and forget about saving them....thanks for the info
  • Renee South Pittsburg, TN
    I scooped the seeds out of some of cherokee purples a friend gave me last year. All I did was put them in a strainer and washed all the goo off. After, I placed them on a paper towel till dry, then put them in an envelope at put them in my fridge. This
  • Hi Renee, did they germinate when you tried to grow them? Because the fermentation stage is necessary for tomatoes for the seeds to be able to germinate. Hopefully you got lucky though!
  • Renee South Pittsburg, TN
    yes Stephanie they did. But this yrs crop I will try them the way you talked about. Can never be too careful. Especially with heirlooms. I also have turkey craw greenbeans (heirloom) they are very hard to find, but for green bean lovers such as myself
  • Vetsy Spartanburg, SC
    Thanks for sharing.. I love Heirloom and pass along plants because you know the story behind each one and the quality that they present.
  • Renee South Pittsburg, TN
    So do I. There is a great story behind the turkey craw green beans if anyone is interested in looking it up.
  • I have just begun to save my own seeds. I had absolutely beautiful heirloom yellow pear tomatoes this year. picked one of the first and best tomatoes to save for seed, and I let the tomato sit on the counter for months until it was sorta shriveled and