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Organizing My Craft Room - Greeting and Craft Card Organizer

  • organizing my craft room greeting and craft card organizer, organizing

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  • Betty819
    Betty819 Silver Spring, MD

    This is another task/project to add to my "To Do" list, whenever! First comes redoing my address book. Have had the new one about 2 months and still haven't started that project. I'm a procrastinator as far as that is concerned. So many friends and

  • Ginny Carter
    Ginny Carter Wills Point, TX

    @Betty819 You can find the card organizer with dividers at Joanns or Michaels as well.

    • Kerry
      Kerry Riverside, CA

      @Ginny Carter Thanks, I was wondering where to get them. Will go out tomorrow and buy some.

  • Valerie Jean
    Valerie Jean Beaumont, CA

    Hi, don't you just love our beautiful city? Thanks for the info. on helping organize! ♥

  • Amy Mohd
    Amy Mohd Carmel, IN

    Soooo nice

  • Becky
    Becky San Antonio, TX

    i have one that I use to store embossing folder...although, Im running out of room! :)

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