Making Toiletries part of your Bathroom Decor.

tub 04.30.15
I got this little shelf/table at Roundtop Antiques Show Lat year for $20. I love the look of stacked white towels in a bathroom and I didn't want all of them hidden in the linen closet. I decided to use this shelf next to the shower to store things I wanted within arms reach. You can open the shower door and literally grab a towel or a fresh bar of soap without stepping foot on the floor. Also within reach are q-tips, a basket of wash cloths and a basket of hand towels. It has been very handy, and by sticking to the all white formula, pretty as well.

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  • Patricia M
    Patricia M Saint Louis, MO
    Cindi, would you stack them? I would like one about 4 ft tall or so. I never thought of getting several small ones. I never seem to be able to think outside the box ??
  • Bobbie Bentley-Stiles
    Bobbie Bentley-Stiles Niceville, FL
    I went to thrift stores and found small wine decantors and bought mouth wash the color that would go with my bath room towels so now the mouth wash is handy and pretty.
  • Tidy Tova
    Tidy Tova New York, NY
    I love the way this looks! Antique white all around.
  • Cindi Lakes
    Patricia, when I say small, I should have specified slender and tall with shelves, either 1 or 2 shelves than the table top, and yes about 4 ft tall but maybe only a foot to 18" wide at the bottom to 12" deep. But then now that you mention it, I could
  • Barbara P
    Barbara P Marquette, MI
    like the lil shelf table I have one like that , my Dad made about 65 yreas ago , he varnished it though
  • TJ
    TJ Andover, MN
    I use green depression glass containers, trays, glasses, etc in my main bath. Inthe lower bath, I have a collection of antique and vintage flamingos, an antique mirror with flamingos. I even found a Flamingo toilet brush holder at Wards long ago.
  • Dana M
    Dana M Austin, TX
    I love it! So useful and pretty too!
  • Kelli
    Kelli Cleveland, OH
    I really like it.
  • Emily Burchett
    Emily Burchett Knoxville, TN
    I love it.....and will be so easy to make!
  • Lindy S
    Fabulous idea, I love it.
  • Judy Jackson
    Judy Jackson Sun River, MT
    How did that lady get the bread pans so clean?? I have 2 of them and make them less greasy but still rustic looking..
  • Holly Clark
    Holly Clark Port Charlotte, FL
    While this is lovely, but if you don't use your qtips and cotton balls enough, their texture changes the longer they are exposed to open air. They should be in glass jars. Or something sealed.
  • Jewell
    Jewell Knoxville, TN

    it is really lovely. Love the vintage white, crisp white, and green!

  • Cheryl Saavedra
    Cheryl Saavedra Dover, TN
    Cheryl, Dover, Tn

    Very cool idea.. Love the vintage appeal

  • Shari Veater
    Shari Veater Depoe Bay, OR
    I make my own bar soap and never thought about displaying them in s cute glass container!
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