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everything wonderful for our pets

Not sure who sells these but will let you know as soon as I find out or maybe someone here knows. Our Vet just posted it on FB I love the deck idea too. I wonder if I could make it out of pallets and old cedar?

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  • Jan M
    Jan M Toledo, OR

    Well, I was going to trade them. They have a big plastic pool now so I figured we could share the big one. I mean, its big enough to cool off in when they aren't using it.

  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH

    Maybe nailing some DARK colored roof shingles on the top of the deck would help with slipping sliding from wet feet AND also the hsingles might help to loosen dirt and etc b 4 going in the pool...just an idea :)

  • Carrie R
    Carrie R Virginia Beach, VA

    Roof shingles will be too hot for their feet

  • Heather Bastien-Bonnell

    Yoga mats work for non slip.

  • Cinzanno
    Cinzanno United Kingdom

    OMG BRILLIANT... what an imagination... stunning. well done I love it

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