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Revolving Bookcase for craft room storage.

I made a similar looking revolving bookcase for craft storage to one at Pottery Barn. Click on the website link to see how I did it.
Time: 2 Days Cost: $100 Difficulty: Medium
Great for hiding the ugly crafting supplies on the backside and the pretty supplies on the front.

To see more: http://countrydesignstyle.com/2013/08/29/revolving-bookcase/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    on Aug 21, 2012

    oh wow! this is great! You did a fabulous job on this remake! I want one so bad....you know why?....because one side would hold my craft supplies and the other would be for decor....when company comes I could spin it around to hide the craft supplies. You are amazing!

  • I did notice I displayed craft supplies that were "pretty" on one side and the "uglier" supplies on the back side. Lol!!

  • Donna R
    Donna R Lumberton, TX
    on Aug 22, 2012

    This is amazing! Great idea for storage and so fun that it turns. This would work perfectly for those gifts you receive from family and friends that really aren't your taste but you feel like they need to be displayed so when they come over their feelings won't be hurt. Well, here you go! Ugly stuff on one side, turn it as you walk by to answer the door and problem solved! :)

  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    on Aug 22, 2012

    oh that is rich Donna!

  • @ Donna R, that's a fantastic idea!! Plus it saves trying to remember who gave you what. Thanks!

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