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Revolving Bookcase for craft room storage.

I made a similar looking revolving bookcase for craft storage to one at Pottery Barn. Click on the website link to see how I did it.
Time: 2 Days Cost: $100 Difficulty: Medium
Great for hiding the ugly crafting supplies on the backside and the pretty supplies on the front.

To see more: http://countrydesignstyle.com/2013/08/29/revolving-bookcase/

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  • Country Design Style-Jeanette

    @Beverly Miller Thanks for letting me know. I changed everything about my website and have to fix all the links. I work on it and let you know when it's fix:)

  • Country Design Style-Jeanette

    @Beverly Miller I finally have the link updated to the new website. I really hope you enjoy the post. The revolving bookcase has been extremely useful!!!

  • Beverly Miller

    Thank you Jeannette

    • Country Design Style-Jeanette

      @Beverly Miller I hope you post up pictures! Do get the larger 12 inch lazy susan hardware. I ordered my online but have seen it in Ace hardware too.

  • Kaycampbelljones
    Kaycampbelljones Orange, TX

    I love this. Donna R. in lumberton, TEX., did you build a revolving bookcase??I live in Orange, TEX. & would like to see it in person. I would like to make one, but when you can see one in person, it helps to decide just what you want to do with

    • Country Design Style-Jeanette

      @Kaycampbelljones Actually I made the revolving bookcase. I'm in Arizona. The steps I took are on the website. Simply click the link below the last photo. It would be easier to make a square bookcase that rotates.

  • ThomasMaloney
    ThomasMaloney Australia

    This would be a great storage idea if I didn't have 3 kids in the house! I dread to think of what would happen if they get their hands on a revolving display!

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