• Susan S
    Absolutely beautiful! What a fantastic project!
  • Linda M
    Linda M Clinton Township, MI
    I see that it would be easy to create. Just have to have fresh vines and twigs. Great job. Love it.
  • Linda M
    Linda M Clinton Township, MI
    Christine - They have to be fresh to bend.
  • Marion C
    Marion C Union, OR
    Twigs from a Snowball tree would work good to ..they grow fast and bend easy .. ive made a trellis from one .. I love the chandelier..
  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    Thanks everyone! Yes, the key definitely is using fresh twigs and vines that can still bend. I even painted them the same day and it worked great! No curing was required. :)
  • Verna S
    Verna S Tishomingo, OK
    I know what I'm doing tomorrow!
  • Johnnie L
    Johnnie L Bloomington, IN
    No way!!! So cool.
  • The Bold Abode
    The Bold Abode Forest, VA
    I LOVE this!
  • MarriePierrette
    hi, I have a old a tique chandelier had some ideas for it

    Maybe in my verriere, somerhing alike, but with candles instead of electric. Bravo. Very

  • Marlene Wilson
    Marlene Wilson Saint Marys, WV
    I like what you did but I also like the plan one also.
  • Anne
    Anne France
    Just love it, well done
  • Candi McCord
    Candi McCord Greenwell Springs, LA
    How does this not catch on fire?
  • Duval.26
    A nice take on mid-19th century antler chandeliers - I have the perfect frame already, but my twigs are under a foot of snow!!
  • Phyllis
    Phyllis Deland, FL
    very rustic with a victorian flair
  • Carol Stehling
    Carol Stehling Kerrville, TX
    I've seen pictures of twig chandeliers but natural not painted. I love it painted!
FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna