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Revamp that large bathroom mirror

I added shelves and some trim to dress up the large bathroom mirror.
*Options I considered for this project:
We considered replacing the mirror altogether, but decided to go the less expensive route first and see how long it would buy us.
*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:
I didn't know how well the mirror was attached to the wall. I also didn't know how well my adhesive would adhere to the mirror and trim.
* Cost Comments:
1"x4" MDF (32 ft) - $20
1/2 birch plywd - $15
Trim (40 ft) - $20
Crown (3 ft) - $4.50
Lights - $60
*My motivation to do this project:
The mirror was large and an eye sore. We wanted something a little nicer.
*Project Steps:
The first step was to replace the single light fixture with matching twin ones. I ran the wiring, secured the boxes and mounted the new lights. This was required due to the shelving unit. I then measured out the surface and determined the size of the shelving unit. Then I purchased the materials
  • Barbara
    Barbara Evington, VA

    Amazing job. ! I love it !

  • Cathy Person
    Cathy Person Macungie, PA

    Wish me luck. I am starting soon!

  • Rebecca EV Norman

    This is wonderful !! We had 4 huge mirrors at one time and we only have 2 left. Which one is at my daughter 's house in her bedroo.. I have worried so much about it falling for instanc,, if the brackets cone loose. This is brilliant! On the to do

  • Jennifer Wade Grimsley

    Where did the shelf come from?

  • Leeannem123

    Looks amazing! How do you keep water from getting on that wood cabinet or underneath it! Did you caulk around it? Great job!