Revamp that large bathroom mirror

bathroom 6 days ago
I added shelves and some trim to dress up the large bathroom mirror.

*Options I considered for this project:

We considered replacing the mirror altogether, but decided to go the less expensive route first and see how long it would buy us.

*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:

I didn't know how well the mirror was attached to the wall. I also didn't know how well my adhesive would adhere to the mirror and trim.

* Cost Comments:

1"x4" MDF (32 ft) - $20

1/2 birch plywd - $15

Trim (40 ft) - $20

  • Judy H
    Judy H San Diego, CA
    I've been considering doing something like this also. One of my large bathroom mirrors has deteriorated a bit around the lower corners, and molding would do such a nice job of covering it and keeping the existing mirror.
  • Kim Rasmussen
    Kim Rasmussen Lake Stevens, WA
    Is there a site to find out a little bit more on how you did this? My husband isn't the type to just be able too look at your pictures and make this and I love it ans want him to do something similar in our master bath.
  • Cindy Lou
    Cindy Lou Austin, TX
    Our mirror is secured with the acrylic clips above and below, which will be in the way when glueing the frame to the mirror. Any suggestions?
    • Ana Soto-Glasnapp
      Ana Soto-Glasnapp Murrieta, CA
      You will need to notch out the back of your trim pieces so they'll sit flush against the mirror.
  • Mcgypsy9
    Mcgypsy9 Mooresville, NC
    Cindy Lou you could chisel out the wood that you are covering it with as I have seen others do, however, if you remove all the clips they can be replaced with a French Cleat system, which can be purchased at the hardware stores. They are very nice and
  • Adrienne
    Adrienne Harker Heights, TX
    Where did you get the shelving unit from? I love this idea and would love to do this in my bathroom!
  • Victoria Skelton- Cohenour
    Victoria Skelton- Cohenour North Las Vegas, NV
    Where did you find the shelving unit? I want to do this but having no luck locating the shelves.
  • Dale
    Dale Bradenton, FL
    Can find these shelving units ready-made for sale ('google' bathroom counter cabinets): I really prefer them with a door. But I don't like the lightening coming from above, but in the middle, so we'll remove the mirror & put in 2 smaller ones.
    • Brittany
      Brittany Daphne, AL
      Dale Where is the best place to buy these online? I can't find them anywhere.
    • Dale
      Dale Bradenton, FL
      Brittany I just searched my 'saved' files & can't find what I saved! I think they may be called 'linen towers.' Overstock may have some, & Lowes & Home Depot if you seek 'small
  • Patty G
    Patty G Knoxville, TN
    Can you provide the dimensions of what you started with, please?
  • Brittany
    Brittany Daphne, AL
    Where did you get the shelf?
  • Jc
    Jc Simpsonville, SC
    Anyone know where to buy a shelf at?
  • AN NA
    I actually have a question about the part where the cabinet and backsplash join at the mirror. On the pictures it is hidden behind strategically placed soap pump.Logically, there should be a gap there. How is that gap "handled"?
    • AN NA
      Michele, it cannot be flush, because the backsplash does not have a 90 degree corner with the countertop. Besides, the gap would be too big for the frame to cover. We have built this setup, and it required manual moulding of the bottom part if the
  • Kris Rogers
    Kris Rogers Alden, NY
    I recently did this with stained trim. Either painted or stained, make sure to do both sides as the back edges reflect in the mirror. My drips on the back of the stained pieces are not too noticeable, but if I was to do it over again, I would stain the
  • Kds3148
    Kds3148 Port Saint Lucie, FL
    I live in a rental--how can your remodel a large mirror like this without gluing the trim on the mirror.
  • Sheryl Levine
    Sheryl Levine Cincinnati, OH
    MY is repeatedly mentioned but I ddon't know what that stands for!!
  • Alison Cowell
    Alison Cowell Carmel, IN
    I love this look and want to try and do something very similar. I did a lot of Google searching and found a white laminate 3 tier shelving unit at Menards for $19.29! Here is the link from their website:
Robert A