Bungalow Kitchen Remodel

Dream Home 11.01.13
My kitchen started off as a white, laminate, 80s. Now, with some frugal choices, I was able to completely update my kitchen for under $12k. The inspiration for the room was a butcher block island I found for a bargain, which helped dictate the colors and architectural style of the room.

*Options I considered for this project:

I had initially debated keeping the existing cabinets, and thought to reface the doors. That's always a huge budget saver when it comes to kitchen remodels. The issues with this idea were: 1. I wasn't in love with the floorplan of the kitchen. There was a fair amount of wasted space and some elements weren't thought out properly. 2. I've always wanted an island in my kitchen, and the previous layout only had a peninsula. After a lot of planning and comparing of costs, it made more sense to start from scratch. I noticed some water damage in the large sink cabinet and some other issues that definitely needed to be addressed.

*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:

  • Helene C
    Helene C Alpharetta, GA
    I love the way you built up around the refrigerator so that you had more space to store things as well as a very classy look.
  • Imagery
    Imagery Littleton, CO
    Butcher block island top, glass tiles, pantry pull-outs, these are a few of my favorite things....nice work my friend!
  • Vhbungalow
    vhbungalow Atlanta, GA
    John helped a great deal with the electrical work of the kitchen, since that was the one part I wasn't comfortable doing. Since he's a friend, he also helped me with other parts of the remodel, but without paying extra for those services. I probably
  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs
    Wow!, It is inspiring to see you work and passion for spaces.
  • Sherri B
    Sherri B Fayetteville, GA
    Love it! I especially love the overhead light! Oh, and the tile! LOVE it!
  • Dawn
    Dawn Etters, PA
    Beautiful! Anyone know the cabinet manufacturer?
  • All Things Heart and Home
    Oh my goodness!!!! Amazing! I absolutely love everything, great job! xo