Recycled K-Cup Halloween Lights

Since Keurig K-Cups Cannot be recycled I have been saving them and saving them trying to think of a craft I could use them for.
I have been cleaning them out and using the coffee grounds in my garden, and composing the filters, but I was still left with the plastic cups themselves. They are punctured at the bottom, so they aren't good for holding anything.. I knew I had to think outside the box!
When I found a string of orange "christmas tree" lights at the Dollar Store I knew exactly what they would be perfect for. Little Jack O' Lantern bulb covers.. perfect to light the pathway for little Trick Or Treaters.
I used stickers for the faces, but it would have been just as easy to draw them on in marker. In the daylight they look like little white ghosts, but in the darkness, when they light up, they glow orange like little pumpkins!
Now I don't feel so guilty sipping my cup of coffee in the morning, knowing my K-cup waste isn't in the landfill, but instead "Brightening" someone's day.. LITERALLY.
Full reveal and step by step tutorial:
All the supplies you need.. K-cups and a string of lights.
All the little cups, decorated and ready to be strung on the lights.
Inserting the lights into the cups (since a hole is already punched into the bottom of the cup, it is easy)
Full reveal and step by step tutorial:

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  • Jan Hurta
    Jan Hurta Orland Park, IL
    If you have removed the coffee and filters, then the rest IS recyclable.
  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Magnolia, TX
    I just started using the K and when i get enuf cups i will do this, i already use string lights on the back porch, country life and bugs are aplenty this way will add a nice touch....just leave them plain since up all year and on a timer, thnx for the
  • Linda
    Linda Mayfield, KY
    i love this idea
  • Ilka Martin
    Thanks for sharing your very neat little project. Did it and love it! The lights are hanging over my front door. I did not use silhouette. I drew the faces on the k-cups with a sharpie. It was fun! Happy Halloween!
  • Arlene Knapp
    Arlene Knapp Stratford, NY
    I absolutely love my Keurig-and I absolutely love this great idea!! Saving my Kups as i speak!! LOL!