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Upcycling Wine Bottles to a Plant Nanny

Need some help watering the plants while you're out of town... or maybe forget about them while you're in town. :/ Save up a few wine bottles and corks and make yourself a plant nanny.

To see more: http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com/2012/08/upcycling-wine-bottle-to-plant-nanny.html

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  • Oh, do I have plenty of spare wine bottles!
  • Becky W Ballwin, MO
    Vivian, for the ficus tree I put them in there almost 4 weeks ago now and both bottles still have about 1/3 full of water. I'm really thinking about making bottles for ALL of my plants.... I just need to find a few bottles that are a little smaller for
  • Joni Duxbury, MA
    i had a problem with the dirt getting stuck in the neck of the bottle
  • Becky W Ballwin, MO
    Joni, check out my blog so you have the step-by-step directions. The cork shouldn't be letting in any dirt.
  • Carmel P Lexington, KY
    Such a smart idea!
  • Kris S Minneapolis, MN
    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Julie B Castle Rock, CO
    Great idea! I guess I better get drinking some wine!!!
  • Becky W Ballwin, MO
    Definitely a good excuse Julie!
  • Terry Ann Maryville, TN
    great idea, could use any type of bottle. I would probably go to garage sales and look for older antique looking bottles.
  • Rachael New Lenox, IL
    how do I find your blog?
  • Susan M Drexel Hill, PA
    Fantastic idea! Thanks for the tip!! If only I could do the same thing with my cat...
  • Great idea I Facebooked and tweeted it out and will feature it on Roadkill Rescue.
  • CAROL H Harlem, GA
    Great idea!
  • Trina marta Kennett Square, PA
    I had tried to come up with this type of contraption a few summers ago, but was never successful with my designs. Your idea is inspired, or was it the wine?