Kitchen backsplash made from recycled pallets.

  • Amy Harmon Kowalski
    Amy Harmon Kowalski Sterling Heights, MI
    How resistant to moisture and grease are these? Are they easy to clean up after a spill? Did you put a clear coat of some sort on these?
  • Chris aka monkey
    Chris aka monkey Mount Pleasant, TN
    Amy Teague (Thrifty Chicken) this is freaking awesome, i read your blog post and it answered all of my questions, i know this must have been a lot of work but so worth it, your kitchen is swoon worthy xx
  • Geraldine Chislett
    Great look, and I have easy access to pallets,,,only one problem, I am a renter, and it really keeps your creative part at bay
  • Jane Don
    Jane Don Canada
    Geraldine---Mount this on thin plywood-attached to the wall with only a couple of screws or a glue removeable with heat(like a hair drier---Not a perminate mount-
  • Brenda strickland
    This is the bomb, I adore it. It would even be cute to paint the boards kind of shabby chic, but I love this look. You did a superior job!
Amy Teague (Thrifty Chicken)