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  • Jane Don
    Jane Don Canada

    Geraldine---Mount this on thin plywood-attached to the wall with only a couple of screws or a glue removeable with heat(like a hair drier---Not a perminate mount-

  • Brenda strickland

    This is the bomb, I adore it. It would even be cute to paint the boards kind of shabby chic, but I love this look. You did a superior job!

  • Jennyfritsch
    Jennyfritsch Sunman, IN

    i love this

  • IFortuna
    IFortuna Brownwood, TX

    I think for a back splash the wood should be treated with tung oil or some kind of varnish, maybe polyU. Cooking odors and grease will accumulate in the wood but maybe you are o.k. with this. I love the look! We are going to do my dining room this

  • Elizabeth Boyce
    Elizabeth Boyce Weatherford, TX

    Looks GREAT! I was thinking of doing the same thing except using laminate flooring.