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Wine Bottle Trays

Today I’m sharing these beautiful Wine Bottle Trays I made. These wine bottles from Protea Wines are so beautiful with etched designs on the outside so I hated to just toss them out.
I know candles are made a lot out of wine bottles but was trying to think of something unique and usable.
The bottles are so unique and beautiful I thought they would be gorgeous on a table on display and I love high and low heights when setting a table so I went on the hunt for some silver trays.
I was so happy to find this set of three for $3.95 and I loved the scalloped edges on them.
I then drew a circle in the center of the tray and enlisted my hubs help to drill the hole (or I should say holes and then he used metal cutters to cut out the center piece).
Because we’re the average Diy’er and don’t have the exact drill bit, our edges were a little rough so I added some rhinestone trim I had in my stash. I love the element of bling and it’s stretchy so it was easy to wrap it around.
Because I wanted the tray to lay nice and not wabble I used a glue stick (I’m sure a plastic ring would work well too but I was using what I had in my home, and hot glued it to the underside.
Then once it was dry it just fit right over the top of the wine bottle and created a beautiful Wine Bottle Tray.
This is perfect for entertaining and it’s always nice to have a little high and low on your table too. I added yummy cookies and candy but you could put anything on it or have it on a dresser and use it to display jewelry and more.
I love the idea of using beautiful things and repurposing them or upcycling them into something else that is functional too.
Thank you for stopping by, Lisa

To see more: http://concordcottage.com/protea-art-blossoms-upcycled-wine-bottle/

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