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Curtain rods made from galvanized plumbing parts...a tutorial

I'm definitely not the first to make these, and after this tutorial, I'm hoping there will be some of you who will also tackle this DIY project. There were a few things I learned along the way, so you can learn from my mistakes!

To see more: http://www.simplicityinthesouth.com/2012/08/youre-making-what-galvanized-curtain-rods-from-plumbing-parts.html

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  • Ally
    Ally Schenectady, NY
    Interesting....but still funny. lol
  • Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative
    Love those they are brilliant
  • Trish & Bonnie {Uncommon Designs}
    Love this!!
  • TaniaC
    TaniaC Fairfield, IL
    I Just love HT especially when you come across awesome Ideas like this♥ Brilliant!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    Love a little industrial in a room!
  • Linda @ it all started with paint
    Tricia, this is perfect! I've saved this one because I plan to re-create in my family room!
  • Beachcomber
    Beachcomber Australia
    love this idea!!
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    VERY NICE. About 5 years ago, I did the same thing in my family room because I couldn't find curtain rods in the length I needed them in to place on my 4 window openings. By the way, I painted the rods (pipes) in black to go with my color combination
  • Rachel Medina
    Rachel Medina Ogallala, NE
    Great idea!
  • Tricia @ Simplicity In The South
    Thanks, Rachel!
  • Carla Seif
    Carla Seif Shiocton, WI
    very sturdy, kids wont tear down the rods when they are hanging from the curtains lol, My hubby does not have a delicate touch when closing or opening them either, more than once he has dislodged the rod. This would hubby proof my living room lol. some
  • Tricia @ Simplicity In The South
    Let me know if you do, Carla!
  • Louie
    Louie Toms River, NJ
    great ideal, wow love it.
  • Kelly Bollig James
    Kelly Bollig James Tehachapi, CA
    I am going to do this in my bedroom and my for my shower curtain rod .
  • Marcy
    Marcy Rogers City, MI
    Interesting, which room are they in?
Tricia @ Simplicity In The South

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