Decor Ideas 01.05.14

DIY Deer Silhouette Wall Hanging

I made this deer silhouette wall art using scotch tape. I don't have a stencil cutter so instead I layered the scotch tape over the surface of my hanging, and then used an image of a deer head over top to cut around using a craft knife. I was then able to peel away the scotch tape, and leave the remaining tape on the frame as my 'stencil'. So easy - I can't wait to make some more!

You can see a picture tutorial here: http://homemade-ally.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/...

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  • Trent-Tonya Sharp Franklinton, LA
    where did you get the deer silhouette that big to print out to use? my hubby is a deer lover and i have looked for one to print from online for free and cant find one. this is great love it
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