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Old Door and Plumbing Supplies

Sliding barn door hardware costs hundreds. We used simple supplies from the hardware store to hang this awesome old green door that I found at ReStore for $10. The complete cost of the project was less than $40.


To see more: http://cottage4c.com/sliding-old-green-door/

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  • The Bold Abode Forest, VA
    Oh, my gosh! This is fabulous!
  • Elaine Leduc Three Rivers, MA
    I have an old door just like this one. I've been wanting to hang it but, thought it would be a costly project. I'll try this. Thank you !!!
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    Good luck Elaine! Feel free to email if you have any questions. cottage4c@gmail.com
  • Susan S Bay City, TX
    Always wanted to do this for my bathroom door, thanks for shareing these tips on a cheeper way. : )
  • OK you are too much! I love everything you do. I have been wanting to do one of these barn sliding doors. So clever.
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    Hey Danielle! Thanks!
  • Catherine S Oakland, CA
    We saw a house with double barn doors separating the kitchen/dining living room area from the bedroom hallway, and it was splendid. With rough hewn beams in the open living area, we just loved the house, but it was already bid way over asking price.
  • Carol L Moores Hill, IN
    I have a greenish door just like yours. I proped it up in the corner of my bedroom and hung a large wreath on it. I love your idea about hanging it. Definately saving your post. Thank you Brenda.
  • Lynne Detroit, MI
    what a great hanging idea..the door looks great
  • CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    love it... good idea for my future basement redo
  • Let see, where can I do this?
  • Shelly Canada
    this is fabulous, just picked up two 1920's doors and will give it a whirl for my master bedroom bathroom. My only dilemma is the arched top of entranceway. Would love to add wood to door to do an arch, but hanging might be tricky and impossible! Any
  • Gorgeous blue door! Love the patina.
  • Zee Burleson, TX
    Love it. Door envy:-)