• Christine - Decorated Life
    Great idea.. how much twine did you need/use and by the time you used hot glue was it still a cheap solution?
  • Diy Design Fanatic
    diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC
    @Christine, I think I used a little more than one roll of twine.and 2 glue sticks. This project wasn't a cheap solution, I couldn't find 2 similar baskets to fit the space, so I made these.
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    I made use of some vinyl placemats with a box I had. No pics since I wound up reusing the placemats. :)
  • Hilliriah Jacobs
    this is awesome thanks for sharing
  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX
    Wow, this is too clever, I did this to some pots, but didn't think you can take it up a notch. Thanks for sharing.
  • Marta Parrott
    Marta Parrott Afton, IA
    Going to do this. What a fantastic idea.
  • D41zy
    D41zy United Kingdom
    Wow what a good idea
  • Vibiki
    Vibiki Martinsburg, WV
    WOW looks like an expensive "Pottery Barn" basket (the smaller one is $49 w/out a liner...LOL)...Great job!!!
  • Carolyn Vermillion
    Carolyn Vermillion Elizabethton, TN
    finally a solution to a size I need but cant find. ty
  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY
    How genius !! They also look like the expensive ones. I love them!
  • Christie Chang-Fields
    How did you attach the drop cloth to the basket?
  • Barbara
    Barbara Savannah, GA
    I'm so doing this!! Have been on a quest for baskets, and this is just perfect!! Thanks!
  • Michele Wilson
    Michele Wilson Shelby, NC
    How much did you spend on the project? Is it cheaper to buy baskets or make them yourself?
    • Diy Design Fanatic
      diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC
      Michele Wilson I made these a long time ago, so I don't remember exactly! I looked for 2 baskets that were the same width and would fit, but couldn't find any for months, so
  • JulieArt
    JulieArt Vista, CA
    Very Clever! Love the whole package!
  • Laurel Ayotte
    Laurel Ayotte Newport, NH
    So VERY creative...I couldn't live without my hot glue gun...
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