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Make "Baskets" Out of Cardboard Boxes

6 minutes ago
Necessity is the mother of invention, as my mom used to say. I couldn't find the right size baskets to fit on a couple of shelves in my daughter's room, so I covered a wine box and a shoe(boot)box with 4 ply jute twine.

To see more: http://diydesignfanatic.blogspot.com/2012/08/baskets-made-from-cardboard-boxes.html

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  • Clou77
    Clou77 Leicester, MA

    Love the whole little mini "girl mudroom" area! Love the boards (I'm guessing) you covered in fabric for hanging pictures and your use of hardware, pulls and handles to hang the jewelry on. Fantastic! Then adding the seat and the box you made

  • Dar Woodhurst
    Dar Woodhurst Centreville, MD

    Fantastic, I am a bit of a craft and anything that might make a craft supply hoarder even if I don't use them. However my really good boxes I get from ordering from Amazon etc. are sturdy and nice looking shape wise. Also have a hard time finding

  • Janice Grizzle
    Janice Grizzle Copperhill, TN

    Love it, has a lot of character. ...THANKS FOR SHARING.

  • AndradeTea
    AndradeTea Cathedral City, CA


  • Carol

    Thank you for sharing...just exactly what I need to finish off my kitchen recycle holdin box! Clever person!