I am a spa junkie, and always wanted a private sanctuary all my own.

  • Faidra at  CA Global Inc
    Thanks everyone! Rae my apologies, it was Better Mornings Atlanta, Vanessa, I can only be as good as the people I am so fortunate to be around! Lee, I have not only heard wonderful comments about you I've SEEN your talent in action, your work is
  • Historic Shed
    Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
  • Dakota F
    Dakota F Marietta, GA
    Faidra,just now viewing your beautiful oasis and am positively mesmerized~

    Almost "unbelievably" talented, and in often cases I usually can find a little something I could "do without",but not with

  • Erinn Baney
    Erinn Baney Brick, NJ
    Um. Wow. Just wow!
  • Annika
    annika La Vernia, TX
Faidra at  CA Global Inc