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Fire and Ice Lanterns

Make gorgeous fire and ice lanterns to line your drive this winter. All it takes is a little time and inexpensive materials from the dollar store!
  • fire and ice lanterns, crafts, lighting
  • fire and ice lanterns, crafts, lighting
  • fire and ice lanterns, crafts, lighting

To see more: http://www.madincrafts.com/2012/02/diy-fire-ice-lanterns.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Val Pieroni
    Val Pieroni Sycamore, IL
    on Apr 7, 2014

    Could this be done with resin? The kind you use in a vase of artificial flowers.

    • M. M..
      M. M.. Pleasant Hill, CA
      on May 11, 2016

      @Val Pieroni Assuming you're going to use battery tealights, yes you could make it with resin. A hot burning tealight would need air . Put up a picture if you do it!

  • Treasuredchaos.com
    Treasuredchaos.com Dupont, IN
    on Jul 30, 2015

    I've seen these with food coloring added for different colored balls, but never with the space for a tealight....so smart!

  • Sandra Carroll
    Sandra Carroll Middleburg, FL
    on Sep 15, 2015

    They are beautiful,wish I could make them,but I live in Florida

    • Stu
      Stu Sullivan, MO
      on Mar 4, 2016

      @Sandra Carroll You could still make them in the freezer , it might be fun to have the ice balls on a driveway in Florida LOL

  • Dee Lynch
    Dee Lynch Saint Charles, MO
    on Oct 13, 2015

    What size and kind of balloon did you use? Latex? maybe from a dollar store?

  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    on Nov 11, 2015


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