DIY Hand-painted Silhouettes

Silhouettes 10.11.15

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A quick, less-than-ten-step method for creating custom hand-painted silhouettes for the whole family! An inexpensive way to spruce up a wall with some charming home decor.

See the instructions at The Rehomesteaders' Blog at:

  • Hand-painted silhouettes for the whole family!
  • After tracing the subject's profile on the canvas board, it's just a matter of painting in the lines.
  • Add names to each silhouette by either free-handing it or cutting and tracing a print out.
  • Finished product!
  • Enjoy!

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  • .
    . Schenectady, NY
    These were very popular in the sixties. I've always liked them.
  • Rachael
    Rachael Clayton, IN
    They are a lot of fun and were a cheaper alternative to a professional family portrait. :)
  • .
    . Schenectady, NY
    I bet they were fun to make Rachael. I'm sure you're family likes having a place of honor on your walls.

    Where is Jewell, IA? I've never heard of it before. I'm from eastern Iowa and also lived in Des

  • Rachael
    Rachael Clayton, IN
    How ironic--I am from Lincoln, NE (I see you're in Blair, NE)! Jewell is about 45 mins north of Des Moines off I-35 (do you know where Story City is?). We actually live a bit south of it in the country but it is a fun little town!
  • .
    . Schenectady, NY
    Now that's crazy. We're heading to Lincoln tomorrow to pick up something I ordered from an unfinished furniture store there. And yes, I know where Story City is. My hubby's brother and family lived there at one time. Small world. My hubby's family still

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