Made a Storage/Shelf With Plastic Crates for Daughters Room for $16

Storage Yesterday
I found these small plastic crates at the store Five Below for just $2 a piece.
They connect together with a small peg and hole and a snap on the sides.
To hang, I simply drilled a hole in the bottom of each crate, used an anchor and screw to attach to the wall and Viola! I would also recommend using a large flat metal washer behind the screw, since the plastic can crack, it will also add stability.
The hardest part was getting the stickers off the back. ;)
***For those that have expressed concern about the height of the crates, my house is a ranch and the upstairs ceilings are low. Two walls are slanted, so wall space is limited, I had to be creative. My daughter is almost 8 and is tall, so with the help of a small step stool, she can reach her toys. If your child is smaller, I would recommend hanging these crates lower.

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  • Laurie
    laurie Westland, MI
    I would use zip ties and trim them after tightening. Strong, cheap, and easy to re-do if you want to reconfigure.
  • Diane Polander
    Diane Polander Mount Pleasant, PA
    Love this idea
  • Sheila garza
    sheila garza Irving, TX
    When I have connected crates I use plastic ties. The do not break and have to be clipped out. Pretty tight sand strong.
  • Robin M
    Robin M Albany, OR
    This is one of the most clever ideas I have seen yet! I'm thinking a book tower in my master bedroom. Go vertical!
  • UdyRegan
    UdyRegan Australia
    Storage bins are the easiest to work with especially when you have an empty wall to work as a canvas. I had also thought of the plastic crates cracking when I first saw your post but now I have taken note to fix a washer at the back of the screw. This
Diane S