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  • Marilyn Tolliver
    Marilyn Tolliver Lincoln, NE
    Wow!!! Those beds are awesome! And, each child has their own little space. What a fantastic job!!! Thank you for sharing!
  • Mel Lea-Wood
    Mel Lea-Wood Australia
    Just awesome! Love it!
  • Shirley S
    Shirley S Canandaigua, NY
    Totally awesome ! My granddaughters would love those also !
  • Betty Jo G
    Betty Jo G Clearlake, CA
    Thank you for sharing! This is a truly awesome job of making the most of what you've got. Congratulations on a good idea and a great execution of it!
  • Daphne Kelly
    Daphne Kelly Plainville, CT
    beautiful idea....just can't imagine being able to make the beds in the penthouse....lol
  • Goose Grove
    I've wanted to do this for years- but the husband thought it was too hard. With your pictures- he'll be able to see it's possible!
  • Amber F
    Amber F Albuquerque, NM
    Love this!!
    SANDY HOLLY Rochester, NY
  • Rosalee Carruthers
    What a great use of vertical space.If you were not using the top level for beds it too could become play space. Great job!
  • Jeannine Fromm
    Jeannine Fromm Munising, MI
    wish we had kids again, just to make it!
  • Yetunde Rodriguez
    Yetunde Rodriguez Dayton, OH
    this is amazing! I've seen stuff like this on pinterest and have been intimidated, but you guys made it look so easy.
  • Chrissy S
    I love, love, love this!! I have 4 boys, and this would be SO perfect for them. Right now we have two separate bunk beds... I would love to do this for them. How much wall space do you need to do this?
    Great room! I would have loved a room like when I was young. The little secret nook is cute too. Love the stairs! Very creative.
  • Gatico
    Gatico Brooklyn, NY
    Great idea Nikki, talk about thinking outside the box!!!! What are the vertical measurements you worked with? Like wall height, bed platforms height, etc.
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Salisbury, NC
    You and your husband did a wonderful job! I grew up with 5 brothers and 4 sisters... the boys room was the 'bunk room' but it didn't look as nice as this.... I am sure your boys and their friends will love this room!
Nikki Grandy

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