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Fall Coffee Filter Wreath

This is the second coffee filter wreath I've made. I made one last year for Christmas and I knew I wanted one for Fall. So easy and takes only a couple of hours. See the full tutorial here http://www.recapturedcharm.com/2012/09/fall-coffee-filter-wreath.html

To see more: http://www.recapturedcharm.com/2012/09/fall-coffee-filter-wreath.html

  • Linda
    Linda Dawsonville, GA

    Try red food coloring! Buy at most grocery stores or Walmart! The added water will turn the red pink. Use 1 cup water if to red add a little more water till it's your desired color. Try on one coffee filter!

  • Carole.jean.carlson
    Carole.jean.carlson Two Harbors, MN

    I keep my glue sticks in the freezer and I have almost no glue strings to deal with.

    • Chey
      Chey Santa Fe, NM

      What?!??!!! No glue strings??!?!!? How does keeping them in the freezer help with that? .... or should I not ask and just Do.... :) Sounds like it's definitely worth a try! Thank you!!!

  • Angela
    Angela Scottsdale, AZ

    This is a beautiful wreath to make & seems like a lot of fun to make it. I'll be making one for this Fall & Xmas then I'll post it no matter how it comes out. Thanks Lisa for sharing this with us.

  • Linda
    Linda Dawsonville, GA

    Lisa Galati, I wish you would post a picture of your Christmas wreath that you made. TIA

    • Lisa Galati
      Lisa Galati Canada


  • Linda
    Linda Dawsonville, GA

    Thanks Lisa for your reply. Both wreaths are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!