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I have a white tile on my kitchen floor, will a garage floor finish work to cover it.

I absolutely hate in and it's impossible to keep clean, Most of the replacements I've considered involve taking the tile up. I'm looking for something that will cover the existing surface, provide some color, be easy to clean and inexpensive. Tall order I know
  • Karen Griffin


  • Marcia Reichert
    Marcia Reichert Horn Lake, MS

    Sounds like your creating a monster. Once you have messed up what you have you are committed to either continue or start over, and you'll probably have to start over. Do you have any old the flooring that you can experiment on? I'd just tear it out

  • LandlightS
    LandlightS Roswell, GA

    karen....have you considered a laminate floating floor? Easy to float over ceramic tile and you would only have to build up the stair nose, from what I see in your photos'. That can be easily accomplished by removing the stair nose and build up the

  • Laura G
    Laura G Evergreen Park, IL

    DON'T DO IT! My sister did this and with all the traffic in the kitchen and moving the chairs in and out from under the table, it's been scraped off! Guess what shows up underneath, yep, your old floor!

  • Decorative Concrete Solutions
    Decorative Concrete... Snellville, GA

    The problem is that tile is very hard and you'll have an extremely difficult time getting anything to stick to it without proper preparation such as what Its Really Concrete, Inc