Mason Jar Window Treatment

Mason Jars! 03.27.16
This is a simple way to add charm to a window. I used wired twine to wrap around the mason jars, and hung them by twine from a wooden valence. Adds warmth to the room with the candles lit on a cool night. And lovely in the summer with some sweet flowers from the garden.

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  • Susan S
    Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Oh I know how that works!! I get in stores and get soooo distracted by just looking at stuff. BTW - sweet pea - still waitin on those clean pooch pics. Heck, the worst is over so what's holdin you up now???
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    Susan, head over to RR I'll be posting them now :)
  • Bunker Barb
    Bunker Barb Big Bend, WI
    would look good on a sun porch
  • AmericanWoman
    AmericanWoman Omaha, NE
    I like it.
  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH
    Nice idea, LOVE your curtains
Brenda M