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  • Sirkku
    Sirkku Finland

    Great idea, thanks for sharing

  • Ladybird1706
    Ladybird1706 Canon, GA

    I'm using ur idea to make owls on small jar.
    Attaching the lid where the kids wrote, Guses whoo ♡ U? ME

    • Pooswilk
      Pooswilk Pittsburg, TX

      Would love to know how to make your owls.

  • Brenda Cooley

    Love what you're doing with these. Very clever.

  • Lakeviewlady

    Please! soak those outdoor pine cones in a mild detergent/bleach solution, spray with a clear lacquer, or spray with paint before bringing inside. The cones are full of bugs/bug eggs/bird lice, etc. and so will your house be if this 'trick' is not

    • Foxden

      Just wondering if a quick one minute stay in your microwave on high might get rid of bugs?

  • Booboobear5000

    #1. after a medium size cone is completely dry, use a toothpick to push green glitter pipe cleaners into the cones and drape like a holiday tree, gluing where needed. then glue tiny red or gold beads sporadically as tho they are ornaments. get a

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