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Dollar Store Craft Box Lamp

Candles on Apr 27, 2016
Little wooden trinket boxes can be used for much more than trinkets. Paint them up the way you like and create a unique lamp for any room. Lamp kits can be found at any hardware store. Craft or trinket boxes are a dollar each! Make sure you weigh the boxes down, see details at http://www.recapturedcharm.com/2011/10/craft-box-lamp.html

To see more: http://www.recapturedcharm.com/2011/10/craft-box-lamp.html

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  • Debbie Borthwick

    Now this is incredible! Very unique...I love it! :)

  • Cheryl @ Artzzle
    Cheryl @ Artzzle Princeton, MN

    Unique, creative AND economical. Very nice project! Thanks for sharing.

  • Eva Barker Beaule
    Eva Barker Beaule Mendota, VA

    Nice job!

  • Debi Willhoite
    Debi Willhoite Mount Dora, FL

    Omgosh I love love this lamp you did! Love the shade with it too! When I saw this the first thing I thought of was all the cigar boxes my husband has collected over the years....all sizes and shapes. I thought those might be good to make a lamp like

    • Ar_prestridge
      Ar_prestridge Opelika, AL

      @Debi Willhoite I thought the same thing!!! I have about twenty different cigar boxes in the storage shed that I am going to pull out and make a pair of lamps.

  • Linda Stroney
    Linda Stroney Owensville, MO

    I love what you've done, it's so designer. people would pay a lot for that in a shop.