Backyard Ponds Make Fish Keeping Fun

One of the greatest pleasures of installing a backyard pond is the fish. Pond fish and koi are colorful, friendly, fun to watch, and they'll eat right out of your hand! And if you live in Northern climes, they will over-winter in the pond provided it's at least 2 feet deep and you keep a hole in the ice.
  • Bonnie Krebs Bartha
    I love these pics....would love a Koi pond!
  • MaryAnn D
    MaryAnn D Ocala, FL
    Nice would love one
  • Jackie
    Jackie Arcadia, FL
    would love one, but afraid mine would get infested with alligators
  • Jeanette freeze
    Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
    i have a stock tank also gold fish have been in there for 3year;s summer winter its wonderful to see them swim
  • Bobbi Woolwine
    I have a Front yard pond. My pourch is on the front facing the river across the road so, I wanted it so I cound enjoy watching and hearing it. Mines a frog pond. I love listening to them at night and in the day when it rains. They too winter over in
  • Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts"
    Deck and Patio Company "O... Huntington Station, NY
    I've been to the house where the fish swim out of the water to grab their food on the rock. Really cool!
  • Connie H
    Connie H Wimauma, FL
    love it! My neighbor had one, and did not hand feed so that if raccoon's got in her yard the koi would not go up to them.
  • Pat W
    Pat W Boise, ID
    this is my pond in Boise,Idaho
  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    Pat W., you mean those pesky herons are up there too?!! Pretty pond! What type of grass is that growing next to the pond?
  • Pat W
    Pat W Boise, ID
    I think herons are everywhere! The grass is actually in the pond and is a type of papyrus..I've had it for about 5 years and just leave it there winter and summer and it does fine...
  • Aquascape Inc.
    Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL
    Nice pond, Pat!
  • Julie Draper
    Julie Draper Independence, MO
    Where is it that you live to keep these fish out through winter? Or is ther some other way you do things?
  • Aquascape Inc.
    Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL
    Julie Draper, the ponds in the photos are located in the Chicago area. You can keep fish in the pond year round as long as it's at least 2 feet deep. Here's a video that talks
  • Debbie Groppe
    Debbie Groppe Manorville, NY
    I see u have water lilies how do u keep the koi from eating them?
  • Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts"
    Deck and Patio Company "O... Huntington Station, NY
    Great post!
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