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Backyard Ponds Make Fish Keeping Fun

One of the greatest pleasures of installing a backyard pond is the fish. Pond fish and koi are colorful, friendly, fun to watch, and they'll eat right out of your hand! And if you live in Northern climes, they will over-winter in the pond provided it's at least 2 feet deep and you keep a hole in the ice.

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  • Cathy Klingel
    Cathy Klingel Dallas, TX

    I've heard that Koi fish are very expensive; at least $1000 each. You've got a goldmine there! Did you buy them all already grown or did your fish breed?

  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR

    OM...I just could not swim with those things..lol..Totally love the pond tho..

  • Jeannette
    Jeannette Eugene, OR

    I've always wanted a koi pond. However , here in the NW the racoons think they're fishcicles. Eagles and Kingfishers
    will also scoop down and snag them out of the pond. The Hilton Hotel on the Bay in San Diego has a wonderful Koi pond that meanders

  • Nicole Martin
    Nicole Martin Shelton, CT

    It’s really have fun to keep fish but hard to take care them in a pond. I have kept fish but for saving pond ad fish both, I used Pondpro2000.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Lafayette, TN

    Love your pond!

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