Garden Know How 11.18.13

Overwintering Geraniums

Would you believe this Geranium is 5 years old? With a total outlay of approximately $10, the total cost per year is $2. When it is time for frost, bring your geraniums into the garage/shed for the winter. I hang mine from the ceiling with hooks. Let it go dormant and when March rolls around and the weather gets nicer, start putting it out in the sun during the day and start watering it. (I don't water all winter long.) It will get ratty looking, but in the Spring, remove all the yucky stuff, it'll grow back. I had about given up on this one this Spring, and look at it now!
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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Yes it will, Stacey Montuori . See this from the Missouri Botanical Garden:


  • JANIS S Hugo, MN
    Hi I do this every winter here in MN and save ALOT. I love all my geraniums. I put them on a wall ledge in my basement where they get sun.
  • Phyllis tomelloso Louisa, KY
    tys for that super tip didnt know you could do that
  • Edna bates Ogallala, NE
    I am going to try this, I love this idea, as well as my geraniums.
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    This is the geranium pictured in the post as of yesterday. I put it outside for the first time this year and watered it good. So don't get discouraged if yours looks as bad as this.
  • To bad I didn't know this before now as I have lost many of them especially getting to wet in the winter. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    you are welcome.....I had to finally get rid of one of my 3 this year, but the other two look pretty good right now.
  • Lori J Broken Bow, NE
    I lost a few little cheapies that just hadn't gotten strong enough to overwinter. Our growing season was just hell last year.
  • Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Well I had 50% success with your post/idea over the winter...of the two I bought last year, one made it and one did not...but the one that did is HUGE this year and blooming like CRAZY...I'm going to try, if it's not too late to find another pink one to
  • Patty A New Milford, CT
    if you have the room, mine bloom indoors all winter and just get bigger each year....my geranium 'tree' outside now is over 10 yrs old!
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    I bought the prettiest, hardiest geranium this summer that I can't wait to overwinter for next year. Need more hanging space!
  • Teresa D Snellville, GA
    Hmmm, hadn't thought of this. My geraniums were gorgeous all year round. I wonder if it is too late to bring them in and try to overwinter? Guess it won't hurt to try!
  • My Mother always did this..and, of course, I never quite believed her that it works! I will try. I also, like Patty A bring mine in for the winter. Up North I had them in an East facing bay
  • Linda Smith Cedarburg, WI
    I live in WI and have been saving my geraniums in the garage for 6 years. Cut them back to about 4-6 inches, put them in a place where they will be out of the way, and let them sleep. Don't water until March when you start to see new growth. Bring them