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Overwintering Geraniums

Would you believe this Geranium is 5 years old? With a total outlay of approximately $10, the total cost per year is $2. When it is time for frost, bring your geraniums into the garage/shed for the winter. I hang mine from the ceiling with hooks. Let it go dormant and when March rolls around and the weather gets nicer, start putting it out in the sun during the day and start watering it. (I don't water all winter long.) It will get ratty looking, but in the Spring, remove all the yucky stuff, it'll grow back. I had about given up on this one this Spring, and look at it now!
  • overwintering geraniums, gardening

Got a question about this project?

  • Katrina Smalley
    Katrina Smalley Columbiaville, MI

    Karin goosey-I live next door in Michigan-what we do is if not letting grow in sunny window is to wait for first frost to get them then take from dirt, shake it off and let it sit out and allow leaves to dry up for about a week. Cut away dead foliage

  • Becky (J) P
    Becky (J) P Highland, IL

    I moved this summer, and guess what? My fiancé hung up hooks in his garage just for my geraniums that I brought with me. What a sweetheart.

  • Ivylore
    Ivylore Trenton, MI

    Great to know! I will try it. Thanks!

  • Susan
    Susan Saline, MI

    Our garage is as cold as the outside...would the basement be better?

    • Joan
      Joan Melville, NY

      Would a heated basement be ok?

  • Becky (J) P
    Becky (J) P Highland, IL

    I'm going to have to try this myself (the basement) this winter. I moved, and they didn't survive (finally, after all these years) in the garage at this house. Going to try with the new batch of geraniums I bought this year.

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