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How to Make a Mosaic Tile Lamp Shade #DIYLighting

Want to make a lamp shade that will bring some style and bling to your home?
All you need are a few mosaic tile sheets, a lamp shade top piece, and some thread. In no time you'll have a beautiful Mosaic Tile Lamp Shade!
Materials List and detailed instructions are on the blog - listed at the bottom of this post's photos.
Cut up the lamp shade to expose the top ring.
Lay out your mosaic tile sheets. Cut the mesh to the height you desire for your lamp shade.
Wrap the tile sheet around the lamp shade top ring and trim the excess tiles off.
I'll show you on the blog how to lay two sheets of the tiles side by side and stitch the two sheets together.
Attach your lamp shade to the lamp and admire!
Lights out...
I love the shadows cast by the tile lampshade.

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