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My Kitchenaide Superba dishwasher door no longer stops but drops hard to the floor when I open it.

I assume it is a broken spring. I currently have a mayo jar to hold it. All repair shops want a minimum of $65 to look at it and more to fix it. That is not in my budget. Since I am a single mom who has lost her job, is there a way I can fix it.
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO

    My guess is the spring is part of the Hinge mechanism...You might be able to contact the manufacturer or check out their web site to see if you can find a detailed parts diagram...this should confirm or deny my guess.. The next and bigger problem may

  • Imagery
    Imagery Littleton, CO

    Ann, If it's not broken, it could be off the "track". I have seen these slip off, and just require reinstalling. Could be the type that has the nylon string? If the cabinet to the left or right rubs , or is too close to the spring system, it can