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Burlap Angel Christmas Ornament

What's a Christmas tree without an angel? Tree topper or ornament, those sweet and happy messengers make the sweetest of decorations and are one of my favorite symbols of the season. Combine these heavenly beings with a bit of burlap and you have yourself a joyful & beautiful reminder of our reason for celebrating. Roll up your sleeves and join me in making these vintage-inspired burlap angel ornaments!
2 - 1 sq. ft. sheets of thin burlap (landscaping burlap works great)
1 - .4" wooden bead
Lace fabric and ribbon
Thin ribbon
Rubber band
Washer ( I painted mine with copper paint)
Hot glue gun and glue
White polymer Clay
Start by laying your sheets of burlap on top of one another and placing your .4" face bead in the center of the square. Wrap the burlap around the bead and secure with a rubber band. Lay out your angel with the head positioned up. Starting at one edge, cut the top sheet of burlap in a line and stop once you reach the head bead. Repeat this cut on the opposite side of the square. Make sure you are cutting the top sheet only, leaving the bottom sheet in tact.
By cutting the two slits, you have created two triangles that will form your wings. Fold each of your triangles in half to form the wings and hot glue around the edges to seal. Trim your wings and your angel's dress to the size and shape you prefer. Using your thin ribbon, glue around the rubber band to cover and create a loop to use for hanging on the tree.
Go ahead and glue on those twiggy arms...it's fun to watch your angel take shape! Glue ribbon or strips of lace fabric on her dress. You can also glue ribbon on the wings or leave them plain, whichever you prefer.
Glue the washer in place for her halo. I made the heart from white polymer clay and baked it in the oven according to the package instructions. For more complete instructions and photos, please visit the original post at: http://wp.me/p4oh7X-2A6

To see more: http://wp.me/p4oh7X-2A6

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