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Build your own "Get Out of the Way of the TV" console

media 6 days ago
We started with your typical floor console for our flat screen TV. Well, my son has special needs and he just didn't get the "you make a better door than a window" comment. So we put the TV on the wall, but it just wasn't doing it for me either. So I contacted Ana White, of www.ana-white.com, and she made plans for a fabulous tall, corner console. Now there is no more yelling at the little guy. :) You can find the plans on her website. And the plans are FREE!

To see more: http://paintedtherapy.blogspot.com/2012/06/get-out-of-way-of-tv-console.html

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  • Lisa I
    Lisa I Woodcliff Lake, NJ
    It looks great! I love the cool palette of both the console to match the curtains (and even the shiny silver DVD player and cable box, lol). I'm glad your problem got solved! :)
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