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"Astonishing transformation" of a small, non-functioning Koi Pond .

The existing dare I say, Koi Pond, was upgraded to create that special "Wow" factor for this family's quaint outdoor living area which is nestled behind a beautiful Victorian home. The existing 6' x 8' pond was given a gorgeous face lift to say the least. This unique installation was designed and installed by Jerry Romano and his Liquid Designz team. The idea behind this installation was to create a waterscape that the homeowners 3 Collies could enjoy without trampling and knocking over rocks. Our design concept was to create a unique waterscape that was mainly viewed from their patio and had the pond section breakthrough the existing Verandah wall so it appears to be dropping onto the lawn of the back yard. This building technique is known as a vanishing or negative edge/skimmer. Now one of the key design and illusion elements is that the Pondless reservoir or wet well where the final cascade spills into, should not be viewable from the patio area to achieve the best effect. In order

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this and beautiful work!!

  • Ponds Patios and Waterfalls Co.
    Ponds Patios and... Manchester, MD

    Nice job Jerry. I hope to see you at the next pond seminar....

  • Jackie Estrella
    Jackie Estrella Dexter, ME

    Oh man. I want this ... and many more! Awesome.