• Pam
    Pam Council Bluffs, IA
    I thought at first this was holding spools of thread. I'm seriously thinking of trying this & putting spools of thread in them.
  • Kimberly Echols
    Kimberly Echols Santa Rosa, CA
    Thanks for the great tutorial
  • Emily
    Emily Canada
    Any thoughts on if this would work for bottles of nail polish? I love nail polish and have about 100 maybe more bottles and have been trying to thing of a way to store them but still be able to see the colors. What does everyone think? Could this work?
    • Trudy
      Trudy Millersville, PA
      Emily Great concept BUT I am afraid that they might not be stable in there because the bottles are all different sizes. You don't want the mess of cleaning them up if they fall and
  • Kirsty Merrell
    Kirsty Merrell Katy, TX
    Great idea!
  • Cindy Thomas
    Cindy Thomas Emmaus, PA
Jessica Hill