Tutorials 04.03.14

My hubby spent an hour at Lowes figuring out how to make this..I love it

Using a 1/2" threaded pipe at each end, slightly bent at the top, drill a hole in the bottom of the kettle and insert 3/8" soft rubber tubing down thru the pipe and close off the bottom of the kettle with a galvanized floor flange . Use a pond pump that will lift water 7-8 ft, follow those directions for it but to place it to the barrell,( which is a large plastic type, we were afraid a whiskey barrell would leak,) drill a hole in the outside lower edge and insert pump tubing, use silicone to seal it, the center is a flower stand and the tray is a old cooking tray.Fill barrel with water, plug it in and woa la.
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  • Namaws Edmond, OK
    I had the kettle, probably got it from a antique store
  • voila
  • Lynne Detroit, MI
    love it too!
  • Katie Wells Midland, TX
    He is a keeper then
  • Linda B Trumbull, CT
    Awesome. My sister had a "faucet" running constantly fountain. I loved it. Thanks for sharing. Linda
  • wow that's way cool
  • Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
    ty all very interresting
  • Debbie Stanley Randleman, NC
    Thanks for posting; have been wanting one and now I can build my own! So excited!
  • Steve Harpster North Las Vegas, NV
    that's cool
  • Ester Age San Antonio, TX
    I would love to make one, but I think it's complicated... LOL! I will keep this in mind though!
  • Margarita Ramos Rockdale, TX
    would love to know how he did it?
  • Barb Smith Canada
    Your husband did a great job! Give him a big hug.
  • Michelle saint clair Hollywood, FL
    Good job hubby!
  • Jennie Roberts Birmingham, AL
    They have liners for whiskey barrell at Lowes or Home Depot. I have one beside our pond!
  • Katie Canada
    A nice whimsical feature for your garden! Great job!