How To Mount a TV on a Brick Fireplace

Furniture DIY 04.14.13
The installation of the mounting hardware was much easier than I expected. We used concrete sleeve anchors but you could also use Tapcom anchors.This was quite a process but by taking it one step at a time I got the TV where I wanted it...finally! Visit my blog post to see the step by step process.

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  • Zelda?
    Zelda? Albert, OK
    Looks very nice job OSP. My hubby wants our TV over the fireplace, but with my neck injury I fear it will be uncomfortable. Have you noticed that you feel like you are looking up too much while viewing your TV?
  • Ann
    Ann Findlay, OH
    No not at all. I lowered my mantel as far as I could so we could mount the TV as low as possible. We definitely are not looking up at all. I wish we would have done this years ago!
  • Zelda?
    Zelda? Albert, OK
    Thank you. We have a wood burning fireplace so the mantel can't be lowered too low. We've yet to build our surround and built ins on either side, but I know where the mantel height will be and it seems quite high to me. I guess I can only hope that it
  • Jackie Prim
    Jackie Prim Stillwater, NJ
    A wood burning stove is very hot heat.Heat rises and I would be concerned it would effect the TV.
  • Zelda?
    Zelda? Albert, OK
    That's another concern of mine. We haven't done a heat test yet. It's a new home with a very efficient (triple wall) wood burning fireplace kit so it could very well be okay. We're waiting for the first cold night to burn a fire.