pallets 03.22.14

DIY Rustic Wooden Boxes

If you've got scrap wood hanging around, these are the best little buggers to make with it. And super easy too. I used mine as a centerpiece, but they are perfect for organizing pens in your office, as a carry-all for an outside picnic, used in the bathroom for extra face cloths . . . the uses are endless. And what a great gift they would make. I offer a very simple tutorial on my blog, including the finish as well. Have fun making them!

To see more: http://paintedtherapy.blogspot.com/2012/10/diy-rustic-wooden-boxes.html

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  • Love them! I love boxes used to display flowers, etc. Gorgeous!
  • Painted Therapy Nashua, NH
    Thanks so much Leslie! My hydrangeas are still taking up space in my little box.