Country French Kitchen Remodel: Suited For A Family Of 6!

kitchen comfortable 4 days ago
With a family of 6, this crowded kitchen never worked well for the homeowners. The peninsula cooktop overlooked the breakfast area and family room, but walking around it created extra steps. The homeowners wanted a more open concept that would combine the three rooms into one as much as possible.

An additional request was that the overall feel remind my client of her grandmother's kitchen with a country French look, eliminating as many wall cabinets as possible. (Note the open shelves throughout - and the re-occurring brackets) To accomplish this, one wall was taken out along with the peninsula. This left enough space to include an island for cooking, and bar seating for the children to do their homework.

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  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    I'm with you Donna! I really appreciate the open airy feel of the new kitchen, and can also see that it would be more functional than the old. Nice work!!
  • Donna R
    Donna R Lumberton, TX
    Yes, AK! This was the client's wishes. People seem to forget that when looking at pictures of renovations on HT.
  • Authentic Living Interiors
    Thank you, everyone for your comments. Though the old kitchen was OK for working in, the new one offers much more counter space, better traffic flow, and more efficient working. Also, the photos don't show that we removed a wall between the kitchen and
  • Shelley
    Shelley Kalkaska, MI
    I did not check out the whole kitchen and does come together with all.....glad for happy client, always a good thing.
  • Eileen M
    Eileen M Barker, NY
    This is a gorgeous remodel! I love tht the upper cabinets were removed to bring in more light for new windows. This kitchen has modern comforts and old world style. It's perfect!!I love the finishes and the brackets for the shelves and counter are
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