Two years ago when were preparing to build our new home, I set out on a mission to find GOOD,cheap light fixtures. Since I live with my electrician, I knew that I could get them installed without a fee :) I'm still blown away at what I found! The photos say it all!.....well.....almost. We did have to do a little refurbishing & repairing. I think you will agree that this was a successful mission!

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  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Independence, KS
    I love all your finds!!!
  • Marsha Lamberth
    Marsha Lamberth Clarksville, TN
    You go girl! Such a lovely bunch of treasure to beautify your home. You have earned bragging rights on these. Just amazing!
    • Pat aka Queen of Thrift
      Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
      Marsha Lamberth thank you! When I think back on this series of shopping ventures it almost seems like a dream. I set out on a mission and to my total surprise....mission accomplished! I am still bragging about it to anyone that will listen!! :)
  • Gail RiChard Harden
    Beautiful and you are so fortunate to be married to an electrician!
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift
    Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    Thank you Gail! Yes, I am very fortunate and very blessed. He loves to what I call "tinker" with things. I can always count on him to help me refurbish my finds!
  • Kelly
    Kelly Blytheville, AR
    I'm with you. I've been blessed with a husband who can do anything (I mean anything). We have a couple of ceiling fans, but other than that every light fixture in our house have been junk finds. He cleans them up, rewires them, and installs them. It
Pat aka Queen of Thrift