I painted my ugly formica counters to look like faux granite!

9 hours ago
I recently removed wallpaper in my kitchen and painted the walls and really loved the new look. But I was stuck with these ugly hunter green formica countertops with wood trim! UGH. So I decided to try to paint them and they turned out SO great I was shocked. It totally transformed my kitchen for about $100. The tutorial is here...


  • This was the countertops BEFORE.... yup hunter green formica with fancy wood trim. LOL
  • And here is the AFTER! I did a lot of research with regards to technique and such. And being a cancer survivor, I wanted to make sure all the products I used were non-toxic and safe. I was blown away by the results!
  • Alita Knupp Kiss
    Alita Knupp Kiss Huntingdon, PA
    My daughter, husband and I redid my country blue Formica counter tops this summer. I have put up with them for 21 years. They would all be custom to replace. Everything else gets done as a necessity and this never was a priority UNTIL I saw what you did, Traci. We got to it in July and from Tuesday to Friday we got it done...with several more days for curing. I love them! It changes the look of my kitchen so much. My husband was skeptical, but he admits it is much better than the chipped Formica and really sets off the oak cabinets.
Tracy W