I painted my ugly formica counters to look like faux granite!

mobile home 5 days ago
I recently removed wallpaper in my kitchen and painted the walls and really loved the new look. But I was stuck with these ugly hunter green formica countertops with wood trim! UGH. So I decided to try to paint them and they turned out SO great I was shocked. It totally transformed my kitchen for about $100. The tutorial is here...


  • C
    C Orange Park, FL

    Is there a tutorial for this Tracy? Thanks

  • Allen Vaught
    Allen Vaught Kissimmee, FL
    You have taken a very good decision Tracy..The green Formica really looks ugly. And this pattern is now become old. Either you paint your kitchen or use a granite countertop. I have painted white cabinets with dark granite. And also I tried to color
  • Tracy W
    Tracy W Orland Park, IL
    Hi C - all the details can be found here:

    http://generalsplendour.blogspot.com/2011/02... Thanks!

  • Crose3748
    Crose3748 Coventry, RI
    Love your pendant lights!! Where did you purchase them?
    • Tracy W
      Tracy W Orland Park, IL
      Crose3748@cox.net Thank you! Actually they were purchased in 1977 and were in the bathroom until I remodeled it and I simply painted them black and moved them to the kitchen. I am sure if you google miniature chandeliers you can find something similar.
  • Ruth  Nederlk
    Ruth Nederlk Webster, NY
    Looks so beautiful Wish I could do it .To old now with bone problems, Amazing. Also have a formica table top I always loved from the early 60's Finish now wearing off in different parts of table . Can this be done he same way as the counter tops? Have a
    • Tracy W
      Tracy W Orland Park, IL
      Hi Ruth! Glad you love the new light - even the little things can change an entire room. Yes, this would totally work on your table. Good luck! :-)
  • Kathy White
    Kathy White Mobile, AL
    What a difference a few changes made! Beautiful work and a gorgeous kitchen! BTW, what is the picture on your bar stools? I can't tell.
    • Tracy W
      Tracy W Orland Park, IL
      Thanks Kathy! It is a vintage rabbit from Sturbridge Yankee workshop. Discontinued. :-(
  • Stacey Beck
    Stacey Beck Orem, UT
    That is paint? I would never guess in a million years that was paint, it looks just like granite. I don't know if I'm that skilled to do this myself but it looks really cool!
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Salisbury, NC
    Congrats on a job well done, such an improvement!
  • Jenlob
    Jenlob Clinton, MI
    I LOVE your kitchen! I followed all your steps and also read some others that painted their counters to look like granite. I just finished mine a couple days ago and have a question...how did you get the sides of the counter to be smooth and glass like?
    • Tracy W
      Tracy W Orland Park, IL
      Hi! Awesome that it looks great. The back splashes were a pain. It was time consuming - I stood there and continued to lightly brush when it would drip or coagulate. It is actually a very thin coating in the backsplash and the edges just to give it
  • SK Sartell, Pro
    SK Sartell, Pro Salem, OR
    Congratulations. A beautiful job and well done. Thanks for sharing. sk
  • Sheridan
    Sheridan Jonesboro, AR
    Hi Tracy. I just happened across your post. Your counter tops look great! I too, cannot afford granite. I am just wondering how they have held up since you initially completed the project?
  • Tracy W
    Tracy W Orland Park, IL
    They have fared very well. Only a few scratches here and there! One of these days I'll put a light skim coating to cover those. But the look great!
  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR
    I love the fact that ur sink is not under the window!.
  • Kay Takash
    Kay Takash Western Springs, IL
    You are tremendously creative and obviously not afraid of hard work. Did you have help or do it all yourself? Hats off to you and your wonderful taste
    • Tracy W
      Tracy W Orland Park, IL
      Hello Kay! Thank you so much - I did do it all by myself. ;-) It was an arduous task but SO worth it in the end.
Tracy W