I painted my ugly formica counters to look like faux granite!

2 days ago
I recently removed wallpaper in my kitchen and painted the walls and really loved the new look. But I was stuck with these ugly hunter green formica countertops with wood trim! UGH. So I decided to try to paint them and they turned out SO great I was shocked. It totally transformed my kitchen for about $100. The tutorial is here...


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  • Heartbeat
    Heartbeat Northampton, PA
    It's beautiful
  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL
    WOW reading your blog and seeing your kitchen complete with the stone backsplash and that beautiful little window really made it happen. What a truly beautiful job you did.
  • Jim
    Jim Canada
    Looks great

    Which primer did you use to make the paint stick to the Formica

  • Tracy W
    Tracy W Orland Park, IL
    Just a basic primer will do. I used Kilz.
  • KatAych
    KatAych Alameda, CA
    Awesomesauce!!!! I did this recently, too, but mine are more travertine-looking. Excellent job!!! Looks awesome in your kitchen. :-p
Tracy W