Repairing Wooden Furniture With Bondo All Purpose Filler

Wood repair 05.07.15
Jacque and I are always on the look out for furniture in need of a little TLC, so when we ran across this beautiful dresser/buffet, it was hard to pass up bringing it home. It had cracks, chips, and gouges...Just what we were looking for! We had used different wood fillers in repairing other pieces, but thanks to some advice from my father-in-law and the 3M AutoCare team, we learned that Bondo was an amazing alternative to ordinary wood fillers. It's got a quick cure time, it's strong, and it doesn't shrink while it cures. Take a look at our experience using Bondo All Purpose Filler to repair our Woodland Themed Dresser

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  • Jacque & Matt @
    Thanks Rhoda V! We met the 3M team at Haven, so I should be giving you credit!

  • Jacque & Matt @
    Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker, the all purpose filler is Ah-Mazing! It's ready for sanding in less than 20 minutes...No more waiting 24 hours! Woo Hoo! Definitely give it a try!
  • Mylene W
    Mylene W Jacksonville, FL
    I'm so glad I read this! I love repairing and repurposing old furniture. Learning about Bondo and it's uses will definately inspire me to do more! Thanks!
  • Jacque & Matt @
    That's greatMylene W! If you run into any questions about the process, feel free to let us know!
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    amazing job and wonderful tip! This will come in real handy. Did you get it at the automotive store?
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Amy, that wood pecker and I would have to have words! Marg, thank you for the compliment! I purchased the All Purpose Filler at Lowes!
  • Jessica @ Dear Emmeline
    thanks for the tip!
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Glad to help Jessica!
  • Lynette R
    Lynette R Maryville, TN
    Bondo sounds like a great idea! I went into an auto parts store looking for some to fill the holes in my kitchen remodel doors. The sales guy talked me into using liquid nails, he said he used it repairing his cars! Egads!! what a mess!! Stupid me, I put
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Lynette R We'll learn from your experience with Liquid Nail! Thanks for the tip! You should be able to find the Bondo All Purpose Filler at your local home improvement store. It worked great for us! Just make sure you're using it in a ventilated area! -Matt
  • Lynette R
    Lynette R Maryville, TN
    Thanks bunches, I'm done done done with that project and happily enjoying our new kitchen, but hope to remember your tip for future project (of which I'm sure there'll be some)!
  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    thanks so much for info, i have seen it used on cars..this would work great on an old door i am trying to restore
  • Joan @ Nicer Than New
    Thanks for sharing. I have read about this . I will have to try it sometime.
  • Carol T
    Carol T Oswego, IL
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to stain an already wood filled repair? We filled the damaged area (our beautiful patio door) with wood filler but it won't stain. Have later found out that we should have put stain in the wood filler before filling (not
  • Becca
    Becca Greenville, GA
    We actually used bondo on our turned porch railings. We couldn't find matching ones for replacement so we used bondo on the damaged ones. You can't tell which ones have bondo.
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