DIY Flowers from plastic spoons

15 hours ago
A friend is guest crafting on my blog today showing how she made this amazing flowers from plastic spoons! I think they look like giant magnolias-and would make amazing Christmas decorations-can you imagine some floating on the branches of your Christmas tree? Or adorning a wreath? The possibilities are endless!

To see more:

  • Constance
    Constance Canandaigua, NY
    I really need to try this. Also, I am looking for a use for all these cat food cans. Surely they can be used for something.
  • Kymm Myers
    Kymm Myers Harrisburg, PA
    what a disappointment..why share if you are not going to SHARE..I am unfollowing you
  • Linda Bauman
    Linda Bauman Fort Pierce, FL
    How to make this project?
  • Willie Brown Moore
    Willie Brown Moore Summersville, WV
    I understand Kymm Myers comment. I scrolled through and did not find further instructions for the spoon flowers. Does one start at the bottom or top to begin the petal layers? How much spoon handle does one use for the part that is folded under, etc.?
  • Carole Thomas
    nice pictures, but with no hints how to do it why bother tracking this down? Followed the above link, which in turn led to another link. I won't have time to craft if I spend the time chasing you.